National Express!

National Express is a big transport company through out the UK! They have many vehicles such as: Coaches, Buses and trans. National Express has three main cities such as, National Express Coventry, National Express Dundee and National Express West midlands.

National Express West midlands! :

National Express West Midland has many vehicles like coaches running though the city. They also have variety of buses heading towards different places. Most buses in the west midlands are: Dennis Trident, volvo b9tl wright eclipse gemini 2 , Enviro 400 and some more!  In the west midlands there are many bus routes: Click here for more Routes   

National Express Coventry! : 

National Express Coventry has many buses and coach that travel through the city! Coventry buses are mainly Volvo’s and Enviro’s ! You can find these buses all around Coventry, mostly in the garage! The website for National Express Coventry is here!  They also have many buses such as: Enviro 400, Enviro 200, Dennis Trident, Volvo B9TL Eclipse Gemini 2 and Mercedes Benz!  Information for Coventry buses can be found here!

Want to find more information about National Express? Click here!

The buses:

Enviro 400


Enviro 200

Enviro 200

Volvo B9TL Eclipse Gemini 2

Volvo b9tl

Dennis Trident

Dennis Trident

Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse


Volvo b7l

Scania (west midlands)





Blog made by, Luke Brown and Callum Whatsize

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