twan and neymar are bae

twan is the best person ever his vines are so funny and so is he even isobel likes twan because twan is 🙂 and cameron is 😦 me and isobel are huge fans of twan

twan has such a sense of humour and is hilarious but realy lets be honest Cameron dallas is as funny as tooth ache you know what I’m going to go back and put twans name in gold and camerons name in brown 🙂 🙂

I mean come on put your hand up if you don’t like twan if you don’t know who he is you should for sure search him up because wow he is the most funnies guy ever 

neymar is such a good football player he plays for FCB and is better than messi will ever be sorry boys (also please  stop being obsessed   with Ronaldo he’s a pretty boy)

neymar also plays for brazil because his dad used to and because he’s amazing

R.I.P pink fluffy unicorns also sorry isobel 🙂

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