The Ultimate Sidemen

The sidemen are a BUNCH of youtubers living in 1 house apart from Wroteshaw ,Tobjzl and Behzinga.They play all sorts of games such as Garrys mod, Football in the local pitch also Slither io.Remember to watch ALL STAR YOUTUBERS V SIDEMEN ON THE 3rd OF JUNE AT THE SOUTHAMPTONS GROUND!!!! Also they play fifa , 1 of their most popular games they play.

Go and check out there brand new videos here in the description down below


              If you are wondering who designed sidmens t-shirts its lewis   vikks brother. The sidemen t-shirts cost around £15  to £20.To get them you have to go to this web site

   ~ksi~    ~tobjzl~        ~mm7games~         the ultimate sidementhe unlimeted sidemen                                              

~Vikstar123~      ~zerkaa~

w2s   ~ behzinga~

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