The game is a game that’s like Agario but you are a snake,the game does not have levels like Agario but its the brand new better version for the whole world to play.

1.The rounder,  the rounder is used to kill the other snake so you can eat the pieces that has been left.

 2. The cardio, When another snake tries to kill you you turn round in circles and it will not get you sometimes the player will hit you and dies so that will make you bigger when you eat the snake.

3.The crush up is a very popular move that is used for not only killing but after the snakes died then you can eat it all for youself without any other snake eat a bit.

4.The trick circle,if you want to get big in a very fast time then you should use this move I’m about to show you because it is so easy to learn and it is a pro move.So what you do is you start eating a bit to make your snake a little long and when you a 100 length wise then that’s when you start spinning round in circles but you have got to do it near a snakes head or where it will see you so that it can start to circle you but when its halfway round to circling you that’s when you use the boost so you can hit the players head and kill him and you be able to eat most of the snake.


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