Here are some tips to make your YouTube channel greater than ever!

Step 1: You need to start of with a plan to create your video that you are making.

Step 2:You need to have a clear and fluent voice so people can understand what you are saying

Step 3:Make it as fun and enjoyable as possible so that viewers can have a laugh whilst watching a video.

Step 4:You need to have an opener to start off your video so the viewers know what  you are doing in your video.

Step 5:You want to look presentable not scruffy as you are making a video 

Step 6:Whilst you are making your video you need  to look directly straight at the camera whilst making your video.

Step 7:Finally but not least enjoy yourself and make the most of it!

If you want to learn more check out this handy website:

Made by:Megan and Billy



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