How to be a detective !!!!

Hi there ! I’m Kacie in Year 6 and today I will help you get the skills and courage of a detective  .

First off you’ll need the items and wit of a detective before anything else . Here is a list of some items a detective would need :

. 1 Magnifying Glass

. Do not cross tape

. Notebook (preferably small )


.Detective handbook (optional)

.Finger print tape

. Evidence bag

Wit is next . Always know information about the accused and when they try and get away foil their plans with a trap nearby . Try and squeeze all the juice out of them , so to speak , with questions that are not  suspicious and do not lead to the guilty to succeed .

You need to lower it down to at least seven suspects as you’ll be talking to everyone  and the real culprit will take advantage of this and escape .

Lastly , you need tack tics to catch the criminal red handed . Learn a sport that could help you catch the villain and stop their evil scheme .

Thank you for reading this and I hope it was imformational.

From your fellow detective,

Kacie Morgan xx(:


girl detective



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