AGAR.IO is an online overall fun game that the whole world can play,with either a computer tablet or any type technology.



You can play with people from all over the world because its world wide game and an online game. Firstly if you what to play the game you will need to log onto to any type technology and then you can search up the link in the search bar at the top. When you are on the game it will come up with your login, you will then need to login you can be a guest or login with Facebook. After you have logged in you can call your self anything you want. When you have chosen your name you can press the start button and jump right into the game. Once you are in your game you can level up and unlock lots of different and cool skins and also earn lots of money when you level up.

Once you have managed to suss out the game you can get higher scores and get onto the leader board. You can become a pro on the game just by becoming big every time you spawn. 

When you are in a game 

You can join certain types of games you can join:an experimental game,an FFA game,a party server and a private sever.When you are on a private server you can join a party and get some people you know and are ur friends to join your private sever.

This is what your screen should look like when you have pressed the start button.Before you have started the game you can choose what to be called (your username).


By Ellie And Rory 


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