Minecraft is a popular game played on consoles, tablets and on a PC. It is a big hit on Youtube and youtubers like Stampylonghead and popularmmos play it.joe's golden knight

Minecraft Some more are these: Youtube-logoSqaisheyquack, iballisticsquid, lionmaker, Minigod951, Emzy255 and many more play it. Us ourselves joefishvlogs and future youtuber Stimpylongtail, play Minecraft on XBOX360/pc (joefish) and playstation3 (Stimpy). Joefish’s brother Coolman12327 also plays Minecraft and on pc and XBOX as well and is a youtuber. Our friends Master Bailey and Zanygamertv also play games like Minecraft on their Youtube channels so go and check them out as well as the other load of gamers. Notch made Minecraft aswell as making Terraria and Minecraft Storymode. Notch also was very lucky and got his own apple in Minecraft but on the game it is called an enchanted golden apple. This gives you crazy buffs!!!! Minecraft is the blockiest game ever and is set in a place called Minecraftia. There is a tutorial for beginers if you are stuck but have the game. 🙂 😉 😀 ;o Stampylonghead


By Joseph and Olivia B

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