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If you want a dog you have to have toys and food to keep it healthy. This post will tell you about getting a dog and how to look after it. Hers two places where you can buy dogs from or


Depending on your dogs size it will need day and night walks a small dog will need a short walk and a big dogs will need a long walk. You can take your dog to the park to let it make friends. If you can you can train it in your garden (or a fenced off space) let your dog lose of the lead and wistel train it.heres a website on how to train it


There are lots off dog breeds you can get mixed breeds and just normal breeds plus tall breeds and small breeds. You can get mixed breeds like cockerpoo and labradoodles. Here  are some main dog breeds:

  • labradore
  • west highland white terrior
  • poodle
  • scottie
  • shetland sheep dog
  • border colie
  • shenouser
  • german sheperd

and many more breeds.heres a website with a list with many  more


dogs eat dog food.there are lots of brands like simply,winalot,pedigre,bakers and many can get dog food from tescos and pet shops.they also eat treats like mini bones and bakers treats.

dog food


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